Experience the Magic of Fluid Art Pouring with Ella Bella!

Washington Metro Oasis is excited to collaborate with local artist, Ella Soroori (Ella Bella), by providing a venue for her fluid art workshops.
These sessions promise not just artistic exploration, but an exhilarating journey of creativity and self-expression.

Upcoming Sessions

Delve into the mesmerizing technique of fluid art pouring and witness the fusion of colors as you create your own unique masterpiece.
Reserve your spot and prepare to unleash your inner artist!

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Connect with Ella

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to Ella for any questions about the sessions. You may also find Ella on Instagram and Facebook: @Flowpaintbar.

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About Ella

Meet Ella Soroori, also known as Ella Bella. In the early 2020s, she discovered abstract fluid art, finding it a medium for creativity and self-discovery. Captivated by the unique patterns achievable through fluid acrylic pouring, she enjoys experimenting with different techniques. Ella draws inspiration from the joy of painting and the artistic freedom of acrylic pouring. Eager to share her passion, she invites everyone to experience the mesmerizing dance of colors and unleash their inner artist.