Is There a First Amendment Right to Tweet?

Woman with censored sticker over her lips

The First Amendment doesn’t apply to social media at the moment. But as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram and more become more essential elements in daily life, does society need to step in on issues ranging from transparency to mis-and-dis-information?

Join us for two upcoming classes that shed light on these important topics:

135 Should We Regulate Social Media? | Gene Policinski, Freedom Forum | February 1

141 What You Need to Know About the First Amendment | Joseph Hartman, Georgetown Univ. | February 6

Did you know Google is more than a search engine? Google offers many FREE tools designed to help make your life easier. Learn about some of the best in these short demonstration classes:
138 Google Docs | February 2
144 Google Photos | February 7
149 Google Maps, Email and Calendars | February 9


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