Our Resolutions for 2024…

n 2024, we will focus on offering more high-quality programs, increasing our participant base, and securing grants to underwrite our operations. To prioritize these goals, our small staff recently analyzed how we currently spend our time. We identified that we spend many hours each week sending participant emails; with our current technology, these processes are manual. In order to allocate more time to achieving the goals above, we’re taking a number of steps, which includes no longer sending class reminders.  Detailed class information and Zoom links are available in your Oasis account..

We recognize that managing your own class calendar and Zoom links might initially feel irksome to some. We are ready to support you in adapting to this change. Please see the next paragraph for important How-To’s.

To see a list of your classes in date order and find clickable Zoom links:
After you log in to your Oasis account, simply click “View/Print Class Term Receipt.”  You can find detailed directions for how to do this HERE.  You may want to print these instructions and post them next to your computer or device.

We would be happy to meet with you 1:1 to show you how to do this. In addition, if you are having trouble finding a link for a class on a particular day, just give us a call and we can help you. (Ideally before the class starts!)

We’ve also decided that we will no longer email an evaluation form after each class, with a few exceptions including for new instructors.  However, we ALWAYS welcome your constructive comments about classes and suggestions for future programs.   Each week in this newsletter, we will include a link so you can share your feedback about any classes you have attended (you can also access it on our website).
Share Class Feedback Here

We truly appreciate your partnership in adapting to these new procedures so that staff can focus on ensuring that Oasis thrives in 2024 and beyond.

Are you resolved to find calm in the New Year?  Try our new Meditation series. The class meets Tuesdays, January 16 – February 20 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm.  You can try the first class for FREE.  Just drop in on Tuesday, January 16 at 2:30 pm.

Looking to exercise the creative side of your brain?  We would love for you to join our team!  Oasis is currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

  • Newsletter Writer: Interview Oasis instructors and volunteers and write up monthly profiles for this newsletter.
  • Art Gallery Manager: Oversee 3-4 yearly shows in the Oasis Art Gallery including communication with artists, scheduling of exhibits and coordination of gallery receptions.

Want to learn more?  Contact Leah Russi, [email protected] or 240-800-3741.