Tutor Corner May 2022

Engagement and Play

As we approach the end of the school year we reflect on the selflessness and dedication of our Tutors. We are so grateful for each and every one of you! The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster – the commitment you’ve shown among the turbulence has been a sign of your devotion to our local students. You are appreciated!

Child playing a saxaphone

Featured Strategy and Book

The featured strategy this month is ENGAGEMENT. How do you engage your students? There’s all sorts of ways to engage students but one certain way is to make it fun! Use props! Be funny! Embarrass yourself! Dress the part!

This month’s featured book is Violet’s Music.

You can find this book in our Resource room along with the corresponding lesson plan and activity on tutor power.

What are some ways you can engage students when using this book?

  • Bring examples of musical instruments or everyday items that can be used as instruments (spoons, empty can, etc.)
  • Pre-make the horn referenced in the book and use it when introducing the book
  • Drum/clap/stomp beats while walking down the hall or on the table as an introduction
  • Bring racquets and pretend they’re guitars as you pick up student for session
  • Share your engagement ideas (either for this book or just generally) in the comments section below!

Tutor Highlight

If you missed our Tutor Program highlights in the weekly News Flash, Weekly Oasis Newsletter please see them below:

3/30/22 Newsletter: Meet one of our dedicated tutors John. John currently volunteers at Beverly Farms Elementary School where he is a consistent role-model for his learners. A seasoned volunteer, John always comes well-prepared with engaging lessons. He knows his students very well both academically and socially. Recently, he was spotted shifting gears when his student became disinterested in the lesson content – he quickly pivoted and engaged the student in conversation about his home life and siblings (he even knew the sibling names!) When the student declared “my younger brother is smarter than me” John was able to redirect the conversation in a positive way and assured the student “little brothers look up to older brothers.”

Thank you John for your continued dedication! You are appreciated.

John - Tutor with Washington Metro Oasis

4/20/22 Newsletter: Meet our dedicated Resource Room Coordinator – Glenda. Glenda not only volunteers at our front desk but maintains the Resource Room for our wonderful Intergenerational Tutors. An experienced school media specialist, Glenda has recently re-organized the room to create better function and ease of use. She went above and beyond by creating a resource room brochure (which you can find in the resource room) and recently presented to a group of new tutor volunteers.

Thank you for your service, Glenda. You are appreciated.

Important Oasis and School Updates

Girl Playing ViolinMCPS Important Dates

Monday, May 2nd NO SCHOOL (Professional Day)

Monday, May 30th NO SCHOOL (Memorial  Day)


REMINDER – Please check with your school about any end of year events that may impact your tutoring schedule. If you’d like to volunteer at any of their events/celebrations please feel free to ask your school site liaison.

Save the Date

Please mark your calendars for our annual Tutor Appreciation Brunch scheduled for June 15th. Timing is to be determined; you’ll receive an email with more details as we get closer to the date.

Please browse our Oasis class offerings here.

Find a list of National Holidays here  You may want to incorporate themed lessons based on these holidays.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU Thank You graphicfor all you’ve done to support students this year – you are truly appreciated!

Please share any strategies you use for engagement in the comments below!

Anna, Janice, Kathleen, Karla, Leah