Meet Travel Specialist, Barbara Paulson!

What are Barbara’s words of wisdom for those intimidated by the logistics of travel?

Everybody can learn how to travel.”

She describes how it all began: “I did not grow up travelling. My family took us to Maine for all our vacations, but I got bit by the travel bug in the 1990s by a friend of mine, who slowly taught me how to travel.”

“In the beginning, my friend would say “come over and visit, I’ll meet you at the airport.”

The next time he would say “once you get to the airport, find your way to this spot and catch the train into town, and I’ll meet you at the train station.”

At the end, he said “here is my address, the key is under the mat. Let yourself in.” Over time, he gave me enough rope to learn the ropes. He taught me HOW to travel.”

When asked why she chose Montreal as the subject of her upcoming class, Barbara says “I know that overseas travel can be brutal, whether from changing planes in a foreign country, or from jetlag. Montreal is one of the closet places where you can, even if only a little bit, feel like you’re overseas, and you can say “hey, I can get on a plane and get there easily.”

Barbara has found her Oasis experience to be quite rewarding. “Some of my professors at Montgomery College also teach at Oasis. I was a student first, but quickly realized that I could do this too. So, I loved Oasis long before I became an instructor.”

She praises the efforts of the Oasis team. “I enjoy the quality and variety of the programming, and the speakers are very well vetted by the team. No one there is doing this to get rich. They’re doing it because they have a passion for the subject.”

Join Barbara for her next class: Off the Beaten Path: Montreal on April 12

Barbar Paulson posing in front of Eiffel Tower