Meet Michael Kryzanek!

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Our featured instructor this month is Dr. Michael Kryzanek, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Bridgewater State University (retired).

Dr. Kryzanek received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He is the author of eight books on U.S. foreign policy, American government and comparative politics.

Michael has developed expertise on a number of topics through his academic pursuits. “I graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, where I developed an interest in political science, and had professors who were quite supportive of me. I moved on to the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a graduate assistant. My initial area was the Caribbean, Latin American government, and US foreign policy. When I came to Bridgewater State in 1973, I was a jack of all trades, so to speak, teaching American government, comparative government and international relations, among others.”

Through a recent politically-charged event, Michael aroused the interest of Washington Metro Oasis. “As a resident of Massachusetts, when the State of Florida sent, without notice or cooperation, busloads of migrants, primarily from Venezuela to Martha’s Vineyard, I was quoted in the Cape Cod Times about my understanding of what was going on with regard to immigration and the situation along the border, due to my political science background and the work that I’ve done in my blog (Commentary from the Commonwealth). Janice from Oasis followed up with me with respect to my interest in doing a presentation on migration and the border. With all humility, I think I did very well in that, and there was a recognition that there could be other opportunities for me to give my views on a range of topics, which come out of the work I’ve been doing from the Simply Civics program Bridgewater State, and also my blog. At age 76, I need to keep my brain going, so this is what I’m doing!”

Michael’s overall experience with lifelong learning has been nothing but positive. “There’s an increasing number of people in their 60s, 70s and beyond looking to not only get out of the house, but also to stimulate their mind. These senior citizens are very interested in the material I’m presenting. There is always lively conversation, controversy, and follow-up in these classes.”


Michael will be teaching the following upcoming classes for Oasis:

The Osage, Oil and the Reign of Terror on October 16

Religion and the Separation of Church and State on November 13

The President, Congress and American Foreign Policy on December 4